Every season, growers across Massachusetts plant and grow food for us.  In order to understand the various Farm Share programs available to consumers, we’ve invited farmers from across Massachusetts to join us in Cambridge for a one-evening Farm Share Fair, to explain to us all about their Farm Share programs.

Come meet the fantastic farmers from across our state on Thursday, March 19, 2015.

15% of the proceeds from the 2015 Farm Share Fair will be donated to theMOVE, a Cambridge non-profit dedicated to bringing youth and adults from urban Boston out to farms for work days, to learn about where food comes from.

What’s a Farm Share?

A Farm Share is a weekly distribution of products during the growing season.  A Farm Share box is also referred to as a CSA box; which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Customers pay money up front at the beginning of the season, and then get a box of goods throughout the season.  The box is delivered weekly to a convenient pickup location in your area. You can compare the programs yourself and decide which farm you’d like to buy from.  Some farms offer veggies, some offer a combo of fruit and veggies, some offer flowers, meat, eggs, cheese, and other items.   You can pick the program that is the best for you and your family.  We will have some fun prizes for anyone who signs up for their Farm Share (CSA) on-site, with us.