5:30-8:30 PM
Free & Open to the Public

What’s a Farm Share?
A Farm Share involves a weekly distribution of products. A Farm Share is also referred to as a CSA; which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Customers pay money up front at the beginning of the share period, and then get a box of goods for a specified number of weeks.

Products are delivered weekly to a convenient pickup location in your area. Some farms offer veggies, some offer a combo of fruit and veggies, some offer flowers, meat, eggs, cheese, and other items.

At the Farm Share Fair, you can compare the programs yourself and decide which share is right for you. We also feature home delivery services, prepared foods, and other neat and alternative food vendors.

Why is a Farm Share better than shopping in the supermarket?
Better for the local economy. Better for the environment. Better for your body.

By reducing the distance food has to travel to make it onto your plate, you are reducing your carbon footprint; which means you are reducing the amount of carbon-based or petroleum products necessary to distribute food to you. The closer you are to your food, the better!

By supporting local, independent and family farmers and producers, you are helping to build our communities and investing in local economies. You are providing jobs for hard working people.

By buying local, you are ensuring that your food won’t need preservatives, additives or other synthetic ingredients that help increase shelf life. Most (if not all) the farms featured at the Farm Share Fair have dedicated themselves to sustainable or certified organic farming practices, which means you are not ingesting synthetic fertilizers or pesticides when you eat.

Our Non-Profit Partners
A percentage of the proceeds from the Farm Share Fair is always donated to a local non-profit engaged in improving the food system. In 2018, the Farm Share Fair has partnered with New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, an organization dedicated to bringing new farmers into the industry, and by supporting them with training and ongoing mentorship.

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