Is the Farm Share Fair a Farmer’s Market? No, actually it’s an information event featuring a bunch of farmers. However, we do have some great food vendors there, and you will be able to pick up some produce on hand from our farmers.

Do I have to pay to attend the event? Nope! Just come.

What’s a Farm Share? A Farm Share, or CSA box, is a distribution of goodies that you receive for a certain period of time, usually during the summer growing season. Every farm program is different, but usually customers pay up-front for their Farm Share (or CSA), and then get a distribution box of goodies on a weekly basis. CSA programs can include veggies, fruit, flowers, eggs, meat, or specialty items. There are Spring shares, Summer shares, and Winter shares. Find the right program for you.

Are all the farms local? All our farms are from the Northeast.

Are all the farms Organic? No. But many of them use organic or sustainable methods of farming, even if they aren’t officially certified. Take a minute to ask your farmer how she grows food!

Where do I park? There are some parking spots along Highland, and in public lots down around Davis Square. We recommend that you take public transportation (Redline to Davis, Bus Lines 88 or 90 - headed East along Highland).

Why do I have to pay upfront for a Farm Share? A Farm Share program, or “CSA” (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a way of supporting farmers in your community. By paying for your Farm Share box up-front, you are supporting your local farmer directly, and allowing the farmer to have funds needed to kick-off his growing season. Your purchase gives the farm the ability to buy stuff like seeds, compost, farm equipment; and to pay the farm staff (the very hard-working folks that grow your food)! We think it’s a great way for consumers to participate in the growing process from start to finish.

How do I to pay for a share? Every farm is different. Some farms require cash, check or credit card up-front. Some farms have payment plans. Some farms take SNAP or have low-income financing options. Don’t shy away from a Farm Share if you don’t have capital up-front. Many farms will take a deposit and let you pay as you go!

Do I get to choose what is in my Farm Share box? Depends on the farm. Usually by opting into a Farm Share program, you allow the farm to distribute the produce it has available when it’s in season. You shouldn’t expect asparagus in August, and you won’t be getting corn in June. But some farms allow you to ‘opt-out’ of certain items you don’t like.

Where do I pick up my Farm Share box? Every farm has a different pickup location. Explore the farm distribution spots and find one that is convenient for you. Some farms distribute at restaurants, retail stores, churches or community centers, or at office buildings. If you work in a location that would like to be the host site for a Farm Share/CSA distribution day, check with the farmers and see if they are looking for a new host site!

Questions? Email the event producers at info@farmsharefair.com